About Life

Back then, we were unaware of what life is and how the world works, as children. Little pure souls oblivious to the dark and  difficult part of living. Everyday’s a new adventure. Everyday’s a new game to play. Tomorrow is just another day.

Slowly, life presents its true form as we get older. Tears make friends with sorrow that cannot be amend by a piece of chocolate or a fairy tale storybook. Pain is no longer a wound we can heal with a drop of iodine. Everyday is a new struggle. Tomorrow holds the promise of unpredictable destiny.

What did we imagine, as kids, about how life would be when we grow up? I guess not much of it came true.

Today, as I heard the pain and despair of one of my dearest, a mixed feeling rushed over me.

Ah, I’m not alone… Ah, life isn’t just being cruel to me… Ah, so that’s just the way it goes sometimes…

We’re the same, I know you understand me the most. The words got me prickling with unknown emotion.

I can’t determine how I could make things better for my dearest. I can’t decide what to say.

I want to say that everything will get better, because I know it will, but I don’t have the guts to do so.

Let me just give you, my dearest, something I’ve written a long time ago. It may not be the best consolation, but I know that you’ll know it’s from the heart.

my dear friend,

somehow the path we have to take can be so unpredictable. it can be straight and visible, or full of turns and heavily clouded. there are days when we glide easily through it. but once in a while we have to crawl up its dusty and rocky cliff. surprises inevitably lurking, waiting to jump on our back, forcing us to take unwanted turns.

My dear friend,

our life had stop being easy, I know. but it becomes difficult only if we let it be that way. stand straight, chin up, and face the unknown adventure it forces you to take. you may get bumps and bruises along the way, but what matters is the will for you to try. 

my dear friend,

anytime you feel overwhelmed with life, share it with me. we’ll ease it up with some laughter and good times together. whatever happens, just know that I got your back… I got your back.



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