The world today isn’t a friendly place. Living today is more of a struggle or a battle than a picnic. As it gets tougher and tougher to establish yourself in society, to provide for yourself and your family, I look around then look at myself and can’t help to feel lucky.

I look around and see people going to work at the wee hours of the morning, Dads leaving their family behind, Moms leaving their little ones in the care of their parents or babysitter, singles leaving rented place in a rush after their alarm failed to wake them up in time. All leave with heavy footsteps, heavy heart.

I look around and see people doing jobs they don’t even like, forcing themselves to get through the days work-come home-and do it all over again the next day, wanting to quit but it’s not an option, wanting to take a chance but it’s the only way they can get by. All devoured by stress and unhappiness.

I look around and see Moms couldn’t stay at home to care for their sick child because the company told them not to, Dads couldn’t come home early to see their son compete in something because they’re caught up with work, sons and daughters couldn’t come home to their parents on holidays or special occasion because they have to work all through the weekend. All are angry, all are sad.

And then I look at myself and know that I’m lucky.

I used to be one of them. I use to feel what they’re feeling. I use to forced myself to deal with what they’re dealing.

I used to dream, and said it out loud: I wish I can do something I love for a living, enjoying my time at work, never be stressed again. I dream that used to only be that… a dream.

Never have I thought that one day that dream can actually come true.

Though at first it took a magnitude of strength to even came up with the courage to take the plunge, leave the corporate world, leave what people deemed as appropriate, to pursue the uncertainty. Though I went through a battle to even get a tiny little place for myself, now I know the true meaning of that dream I used to said out loud. Doing something I love for a living. Now I can feel it. Now I’m living in it.

I bid goodbye to all those stressful jobs that I was forced to take due to necessity and to those stressful weekends on duty and to those lousy company who only cares about profit rather than about the fact that their employee is a human being. I bid goodbye to them and never look back.

I look at myself and know that I’m lucky.

To feel excited whenever an editor contacted me offering a new book to translate. To spend hours at work, sometimes way after midnight, not because I have to but because I can’t make myself stop and because the book is too interesting. To call it a day or to have a day off whenever I want to or whenever I need to. To juggle between work and family so easily and seamlessly. To work too hard because I love to and because I want to.

I can proudly say to myself that I’m brave enough to dream, I’m brave enough to pursue my dream, and I never regret the decision I’ve made.

You can do that too. Even if it down to you versus the world, if you believe in your dream, you can achieve what I achieve, if not more. One day, you, too, can proudly say: I know I’m lucky.

© Kitsen  Dreamstime Stock Photos

 Picture © Kitsen | Dreamstime Stock Photos




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