Hit by the Korean Wave: I’m Guilty as Charged

All things Korea is huge these days. Millions of K-drama, K-Pop and K-food lovers emerged overnight. And I’m one of them. I admit that the the Korean wave has hit me, and it has hit me hard. People say I’m too old for these stuff, people say that someone like me shouldn’t be into it in the first place, but I don’t care. I don’t like it just because everybody else like it. I like it because I like it.

The Korean addiction (should I say addiction? If it’s too harsh a word please forgive me) began around seven years ago. There was this Korean drama called Princess Hours or Goong. The main casts weren’t really the out-of-this world pretty and handsome, but it wasn’t really about the stars back then for me. Yoon Eun Hye doesn’t look like SNSD’s Tae Yeon or  f(x)’s Crystal. Joo Ji Hoon is definitely not Lee Joon or Kang Min Hyuk. But the drama is so funny and fresh that I somehow couldn’t get my eyes off of the Television screen.


Image copied from en.wikipedia.org

Then after that, along came other dramas. There was My Girl (Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae), Prince’s Hours (Se7en and Park Shin Ye), Coffee Prince (Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye) and many many more. I watched drama after drama, fascinated by the storyline, the casts and everything in it.

Strike one.

In every single Korean drama, there would be at least one scene where the cast is eating something with gusto. They look like they enjoy what they’re eating so much that it got me craving for it. Thus, the hunt of Korean cuisine began. I love cooking and I am often curious about how food is made. So, in order to get familiar with the taste of Korean cuisine, I ordered several kinds of them from a cheap but delicious little joint called Gansikjib. Then, I started to try making them at home.

I enjoy eating kimchi, always have them in the fridge. I love tteokkpokki, with extra cheese. I adore doenjang jigae. I really really enjoy eating hoddeok for my afternoon snack. And the list goes on and on and on and on….

This HODDEOK image taken from my blog, food-experimentalist.blogspot

This HODDEOK image taken from my blog, food-experimentalist.blogspot.com

Until this very day, I can’t stop doing it, even share some of the recipes that I modified with available ingredients and Indonesian taste bud on my food experiment blog (yes, I do have other blogs).

Strike two.

I once mentioned that, up until two years ago, I’m not really someone who love Korean variety program. Several of my friends already busy talking about Running Man, Family Outing or Invisible Youth, but I had no interest whatsoever. Then 2 Days 1 Night came knocking on my door and I’ve hooked on it ever since. My love of the show made me open up to watch other Korean varieties and talk shows. Running Man, Happy Together, Gag Con (Madam Jeong, why do you have to end your skit???), We Got Married (Poca Guri and Jinwoon Junhee couple!), Weekly Idol and Win Win (stopped airing last year, soooooo sad) are some of the shows I sometimes watch, when the guests are interesting for me. Thanks to KBSW channel on YouTube, I can also watch things like Entertainment Weekly with their famous Guerrilla Interview and know the latest news of Korean celebrities.

Strike three.


Image copied from 1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Tumblr

We Got Married Image copied from www.soompi.com

We Got Married
Image copied from http://www.soompi.com

When it comes to Korean Music aka K-Pop, my version of it back then was only Korean drama OST. I had no idea what the lyric was about, who the singer was, what the title of the song was, just as long as it’s a nice song to listen to (mostly ballad, I love ballad) and reminded me of the drama, I would definitely put it in my music player.

A couple of years ago, one of my best friends introduced me to Sung Si Kyung, the Prince of Ballad. I love it. Then I started to open my heart for other Korean singers or group that I’ve only heard the name before but never heard even one single song. The first is Koyote.

If you’ve read my previous posts, by now you would know that I’m a huge fan of Kim Jong Min. The funny man turned out to be the leader of one of the longest running trio in Korean music history, Koyote. Their music is more to the happy disco kind of style, but I listened to them anyway, at first only because of Jong Min. After listening to almost all of their songs, I found plenty that I love, such as Did You Even Love Me, Uri Sagwija, and Apado.

Koyote's latest album, 1999 Image copied from www.popgasa.com

Koyote’s latest album, 1999
Image copied from http://www.popgasa.com

Next, the very same best friend that introduced me to 1N2D and Sung Si Kyung got me listen to Beast. Oh my, I’m in love. Back in the 90’s, where boybands were thriving and ruling the world, I was a sucker for pretty boys singing pretty songs. With Beast, I found my way back to those days. I love almost every single song they sing. My favorite is definitely their latest album, How to Love. The talented Mister Yong Jun Hyung wrote and composed great songs that immediately made me head over heels for them. When it Rains, Shadow, How to Love, When I Miss You, Will You Be Alright, I’m Sorry, Clenching Fist were the songs that I listen to almost everyday. You got that, almost every day. I can’t get enough of them… especially Yoon Dujun, the leader. Okay, I’m a little biased because he’s also a football freak like me, but I like him, really. Love watching his latest drama, Let’s Eat. Such a funny guy.

Beast Image copied from www.bntnews.co.uk

Image copied from http://www.bntnews.co.uk

Other than the two groups, I’ve listened and enjoyed a bunch of other singers and groups. Although I may not be a fan, but if they have one or several songs that I like, I will undoubtedly listen to them. I’m listening to songs from Xia Junsu, 2NE1, MBLAQ, Baek Ji Young, K-Will, Clazziquai Project, Urban Zakapa, Jung Jun Young and many more. Even one of my friends from college, a fellow Korean lovers, were amazed when my knowledge of K-Pop tripled within six months of the last time we met. My latest soundtrack of life, other than Koyote and Beast, are Standing Egg and Park Se Young plus Soyu and Junggigo. Both duo got some pretty awesome, easy listening music.

Strike… hey, no more strike. I’m guilty as charged in getting hit by the Korean wave. This may or may not last a long time in me, but I really, truly enjoy it. Mind you, this doesn’t mean that I’m forgetting who I am. No, no, no. Don’t mistaken me for that. I am and will always be an Indonesian girl (or woman? whatever works for you. I prefer girl.). I am and will always be a Sundanese girl. I live and breath in Indonesia, speak Indonesian, eat Indonesian food and call Indonesia my home. I just happens to be an Indonesian girl who love Korean stuff *wink.



1 Night 2 Days Now and Then Part 2: The New Season So Far

I remember how the rumor went crazy during the last few weeks of season 2, when it was confirmed that season 2 would end and season 3 would soon start. Who’s gonna stay for season 3? Who would be the new faces? Celebrities unfamiliar to me were mentioned. Some denied and some confirmed, until finally, rather than the usual 7 members, 6 guys made it to the final cut.

“Yaaaay, Kim Jong Min’s still there!” was my first reaction. As long as he stays, I’ll be happy. Then the unexpected news of Cha Tae Hyun staying were confirmed. I kind of like it that they both stay, because I think towards the end of season 2 the two guys bonded quite well. They has become frenemies, sometimes the would be friends and sometimes they fought silly.


Image copied from http://www.dramabeans.com

The new guys, on the other hand, were unfamiliar to me. Wait… no, let me say that again. The new guys, on the other hand, were not quite familiar to me. I’ve seen Defconn several times hosting Weekly Idol. Along with Jeong Hyeong Don (or was it Donnie?) he made a funny pair of host. Thus, I’m looking forward to see him in 1N2D, especially after hearing that he’s always been a big fan of the show. The other new member I’ve seen before was Kim Jun Ho. Although the name wasn’t familiar to me, but after seeing his picture, I realized that I’ve seen him several times in old episodes of Gag Con and Happy Together. A gag man, surely he would be funny, right? The two last members I heard their names and saw their faces for the first time. Jung Jun Young… who’s this maknae? A rocker? A singer? Never heard of him. Kim Jun Hyuk… who?

The time finally come for the first episode. After all the introduction was over, waking up the members and fooling them with eel sauce coffee, the new journey of season 3 embarked. Boy, I was blown away. Defconn, Kim Jun Ho and Jung Jun Young went at it right away. Conie and Jun Ho were guaranteed to be funny and they didn’t disappoint. Conie worshiped the show so much that he’s ready for just about anything and familiar with just about anything. The maknae, Jung Jun Young, surprised the hail out of me with his clever tricks and comments. I was told that it’s his first time in such variety, that he’s a new celebrity from a singer competition, but he’s so natural that I thought he’s an experienced gag man or something. He’s a little annoying at times, but I think he’s annoyingly cute and funny. It’s refreshing to see the maknae not just good in being cute but also not afraid to stand against his hyungs. The look on Kim Jun Ho’s face whenever Jun Young pulled a trick or blurted out unexpected comments gave me so much laughter my tummy hurts. The oldest, Kim Jun Hyuk, didn’t look like he’s going to be funny at first. After two or three episodes, he turned out to be awkwardly cute. I think Tae Hyun’s unlucky strike rubbed in on him. Tae Hyun’s pretty lucky so far in season 3, miraculously, and Jun Hyuk failed time and time again. In the last few episodes, when he blushed whenever the maknae writer, Seul Ki, is around was too funny. I like it. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said he’s thrown away the actor image and every single good image he had for 1N2D. And, honestly, I’m glad that he did.


Image copied from 1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Tumblr

There are little things that I’m not quite fond of in this season’s 1N2D. It was the 3G and LTE team. At first, it was pretty funny. 3G being named 3G because the members, Jong Min Jun Ho and Jun Hyuk, often had muscle cramps (the pronounciation of 3G and muscle cramps is similar in Korean). But later on, it’s obvious that they couldn’t compete with LTE. Conie got strength, Jun Young got brain and luck, and Tae Hyun, amazingly, got even luckier. While 3G, one member is old and weak, one member is younger and weak, one member is even younger and even weaker. All three members of the 3G don’t have much luck in anything. So it’s pretty frustrating at times to see them losing and losing. I wish they would just cut off the 3G and LTE or just do it occasionally.

Ratings been great. 1N2D managed to go to the top of the Sunday night program ratings for 2 weeks in a row now. I sincerely hope it’ll only gets better and better from here.

Overall, I really enjoy 1 Night 2 Days season 3 so far. I won’t say that it’s better than season 2 or season 1. I think every season has its own charm and funny side. It’s incomparable. Whether it’s season 2 or season 3, I love them all. This show is one Sunday night entertainment that I’d always look forward to every week.

1 Night 2 Days, Fighting!!!


Image copied from 1 NIght 2 Days Season 3 Tumblr

1 Night 2 Days Now and Then Part 1: Reminiscing the Old Days

*This post is just my personal opinion of the show 😉

It was early 2012 when one of my best friends introduced me to this show. Back then I wasn’t really a fan of Korean Variety. I’ve watched a few episodes of Running Man and couldn’t really enjoy it. But it was different when I laid my eyes on 1 Night 2 Days. Was it the Joo Won factor? (I was really fond of him back then. Now… still fond of him, but not overly fond). Was it the Korean tourist sites factor? Or was it the Korean food factor? Until today I’m not sure what. What I’m sure of is that from the first episode that I watched, I’ve falling in love with it, grow fonder everyday and now I’ve become one huge fan.

Now, two years later, I’ve witnessed the show go into transformation more than once and in more than one way. But first. let’s talk about Season 2.


Image from 1n2d Tumblr

I’ve read a couple of blog posts and too many comments that said they are disappointed in season 2. They said season 2 was lacking the friendship bond that season 1 has. To me, who only watched several episodes of season 1 but never missed one single episodes of season 2, I couldn’t relate to the comments at all. Season 2 looks fine to me. The members were funny, getting along just fine and looks pretty solid despite little bumps every now and then. Individually they are funny in their own way.

The three seniors, Kim Jong Min, Lee Su Geun and Uhm Tae Wung were undoubtedly funny with their own distinctive character. As a senior comedian, I think Su Geun managed to lead the whole show without being too overwhelming. His game and gag ideas were fresh and fun to watch.

Uhm Tae Wung may look a little awkward and didn’t talk much, but in his own way he managed to still the show sometimes. Towards the end of the season he’s even funnier. I remember his answer to the question ‘the sound of laugh’. He laughed “kyo…kyo…kyo…” and said that his grandmother laughed that way so that her dentures wouldn’t fall out. It echoed in my head for days! My best friend and I ended up calling the show kyokyo.

Last but not least, the variety genius, Kim Jong Min (my absolute favorite, love him so very much), with his silly and goofy manner is so lovable. Although my heart often ached watching him lost in games and suffered the punishments, but 1n2d wouldn’t be the same without him.


Image copied from http://www.dramabeans.com

Meanwhile, the four new guys, Kim Seung Woo, Sung Si Kyung, Joo Won and Cha Tae Hyun added some color into the show. Yes, I agreed to the comments that Sung Si Kyung and Joo Won were sometimes too eager to maintain their Ballad Prince and Cool Actor image, but there were times where the contrast of their personality with other members were pretty enjoyable to watch. The serious Sung lawyer who battled with Bird PD were often annoying, but the PD reaction were too funny. Joo Won relied too much on his aegyo maknae side, but sometimes I think it works too. Kim Seung Woo was the oldest, and he’s funny just because of that. I found his body gags hilarious! And all of it wouldn’t be complete without the misfortune streak that Cha Tae Hyun suffered. Bottom line, I think these seven guys worth my time every single week.

Image copied from joowonenglish.wordpress.com

Image copied from joowonenglish.wordpress.com

The departure of Kim Seung Woo broke my heart. My best friend and I cried watching his last episodes. Something was totally missing when he’s gone. I’m sure quite a few people agreed with this.

However, the arrival of Yoo Hae Jin added a kick to 1N2D. He couldn’t replace Seung Woo in my heart, but he was a valuable new member, no doubt about it. He clicked with Lee Su Geun right away, producing funny gag scenes throughout the show. They both were really natural at it and it successfully got me laughing my tummy off.

Image copied from 1n2d Tumblr

Image copied from 1n2d Tumblr

When they announced that Joo Won were quitting the show, I felt so disappointed. Sadly, not because I thought I was gonna lose him when he’s gone, but because after Kim Seung Woo gone why would there be another departure? “This isn’t right,” I thought. Then several weeks later, all hell broke lose. It is said that another member were going to quit the show. I got frustrated and scared. I was scared that the show might be endangered of being cancelled. All the speculations of who’s quitting and who’s not got all the fans crazy. There were even rumors of Kim Jong Min fed up with the show and refused to continue being the member. Argh! Anyone but him, please.

Then, during the last few episodes of the show, the major last blow came from Lee Su Geun. Him being investigated by the police and found guilty really put season 2 to its end. I was sad, really really sad. One wrong choice and he faced legal prosecution and up to now is banned from tv stations.

Watching the very last episode of season 2 was like a roller coaster ride of emotion for me. Tears ran down my cheeks, reminiscing all the previous episodes got my heart ached, losing a Sunday night entertainment made me really sad. I never thought I can get so attached to a variety show that I even cried because of it. Although it was a relief to know Kim Jong Min is staying for another season, but still, it created a big empty hole in my heart when season 2 ended.


Image copied from 1 Night 2 Days Season 2 Facebook Page

With pain in my heart after saying goodbye to season 2, I braced myself to face season 3 with hopes that it would at least be as entertaining as season 2.

Phew, this post turned out longer than I planned for. Let’s just stop here for now and continue with season 3 on the next post, shall we?


[Football Talk] Aaron Ramsey: The One Who Refuse to Give Up


Aaron Ramsey…
Prior to this season, what did I think of him?

1. That he is, by far, the most handsome Arsenal player.
2. … I think I’ll go back to number one.

Yup, not much I could say about him back then. Even though he’s really handsome and all, he wasn’t actually an Arsenal player that I enjoyed watching. I even felt a lurch in my stomach everytime he got into the starting XI or came in as a subtitute player. Why is that? In my humble opinion, he often loses the ball too easily. At crucial moments, I saw him lose ball posessions to opponents that ended up into a goal scoring chance or even a goal.
I often prayed, whenever the scoreline was thin and was endanger of tipping over for Arsenal, that the boss wouldn’t let Aaron play. You know how the boss loves to do a substitution on the 70th minutes or so? That’s when I started praying.

Look at him this season. To me, it’s as if Aaron is a completely different person. As the boss, the media and even Aaron himself put it, he is now a lot more confident in front of the goal. Agree. Totally agree with it.
The season is only halfway through, but Aaron has already scored 8 goals! Before this season, it took him five whole years to create five goals. Spot the progress?
Since Aaron made his transformation, Arsenal’s midfield has been dangerous. The work of Mesut Öezil, Aaron, Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla put on the midfield has been one of the finest I’ve seen so far in Arsenal in the past couple of years.

No one would’ve thought that Aaron can come back even stronger like this. Not after the broken leg he suffered a couple of years ago. I mean, come on, a leg is the most treasured part of the body for a football player. Having it injured, letalone broken, must be pretty devastating. But, apparently, not for Aaron. He just refuses to give up.

And look where it got Arsenal? Top of the league for several weeks and running.

These past two weeks, I’ve seen a little deteriorarion on Arsenal’s performance. Yes, maybe the players are tired due to the hectic schedule. Maybe, just maybe, Arsenal’s old sworn enemy, the inconsistency, come back to haunt them. But I do hope that the team, with the confidence they have shown this season, will be able to pull through and give the club a brighter future.

So, right now, what can I say about Aaron?

1. He is, by far, the most handsome Arsenal player.
2. He is an amazing football player.



Question: How far would you respect a commitment?

In relationship, among friends and even at work, commitment is the one thing that always came up or being questioned. When a boyfriend kept his girl waiting for him to pop the question, everyone starts wondering whether he has commitment issues. When one bestfriend lied to the other and got caught doing so, people starts saying that the bestfriend who lied isn’t a loyal friend a.k.a didn’t respect their friendship commitment. When an employee starts looking for other jobs, attending job interviews and such, the employer would think that the employee didn’t commit to the company and should not be working for them anymore.
It easy for me to state those examples. Not so easy when I’m faced with a commitment issues of my own.

Back to the question. How far would you respect a commitment? I, in my own delusional kind of way, think that commitment is something of high importance therefore needs to be respected no matter what. Sadly.. the other part doesn’t think so. I’m trying so hard to respect it but somehow I feel like I’m the bad guy.

In respecting a commitment, how far would you give the other part some slack? “Oh, he has that so I have to understand.”; “Oh, she’s busy with this so I have to wait.”; The other part seems to underestimate the commitment we’ve made, yet how come I feel like I’m the bad guy?

Even a simple promise is an example of a commitment made between two people. When one hold tightly to it and the other just say and forget, which one is the bad guy?

How come a commitment is reduced into just words we say and not something we respect and do?

Ah… this world is becoming even more random than I thought it has….

The Pursuit of Dream

“I won’t give up!”

“I’m not giving up!”

“I will fight!”

Those are the words I want to say. Those are the words that, right now, I desperately want to believe. But… real life can be such a rocky mountain. Sometimes even looking up and ahead terrifies me. It took me so much time just to gather up the courage to go one step forward. With each step I make, it gets easier… easier… until a huge chunk of road is missing in front of me and I need to rake my brain out on how to get across. After I finally found what seem to me as the perfect solution, I made a wrong move and got into a big trouble. I imagine myself in the position of Sylvester Stallone in that “Cliff Hanger” movie, in the edge of a cliff with only one hand hanging on to dear life. I got scared. I was thinking of giving up. I was thinking of the end.

And now, looking back to the road I’ve taken, something came to mind. THIS IS MY DREAM!!! This is what I want for myself, for my future, for my life! I remember how so many people were against me in pursuing this dream, some still are. I remember how so many people look down at me, saying I got no chance, saying it’s impossible. I remember how I brushed them all away and determined to go forward. After all that, giving up sounds stupid.

Along the road, there were time, like now, when I asked myself this: “Is this a mistake?” With so little support and so much hard work to do, I started second-guessing my choice. Doubt wrapped its arms around me and holding me tight, suffocating me. “What should I do now?”

Living these past 28 years of my life, I fully realize that nothing’s easy. Some stuff may seem easy to get, but actually they’re not. So far, out of dream and determination, magical things have happened to me. Dream hard, work hard, pray hard, and one day, out of the blue, it will come true. When it does, it’ll look as if it’s the easiest thing in the world. I will take my hardship now as the process phase. Yes, the process phase. When everything feels so hard, so out of reach and so impossible. I will set my goals right again, think about my strategies again. I may fail in so many things in life, but I’m not gonna fail in pursuing this particular dream. I will reach that mountain top!

So… I will say it again:

“I won’t give up!”

“I’m not giving up!”

“I will fight!”

“I will pursue my dream!”

“I will live my dream!”

“I will succeed!”

My Husband Got a Family: Unexpectedly Unforgettable

My Husband Got a Family or Unexpected You or You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly or Neongkuljjae Gulleoon Danshin (Oh dear, so many different ways to translate the title… phew!) is a drama aired in KBS last year. The drama got one of the highest ratings in drama history during its five-months long run. Of course, with a star such as Kim Nam Joo and Yoo Jun Sang, this drama sure is promising at first glance.


image copied from http://www.dramahaven.com

Cha Yoon Hee is a successful thirty-something career woman who hates the idea of having in-laws after she got married. Luck is on her side when he met and got married to a handsome plus smart doctor, Terry Kang, who was an adopted child of a Korean Parents that grew up in the U.S. Having her husband’s adoptive parents living in the States is like having no in-laws at all. Yoon Hee feels she was blessed.

One day, Yoon Hee and Terry move to a new apartment. Instantly having problems with the landlord and their three daughters who lives just next door. Having constantly reminded of his blurry past after moving into the neighborhood, Terry suddenly feels the urge to find his biological parents. Yoon Hee agrees although she doesn’t really fond of the idea. Terry finally finds his biological parents who turns out to be… the landlord next door! This is where things get tangled and tangled even more for Yoon Hee, Terry, and the Bang family.

Bang Jang Soo and Uhm Chung Ae, Terry’s biological parents, have to deal with the lost of their only son for the past 30 years. Uhm Cung Ae, the mother, is the one who is constantly blamed by her husband and her mother-in-law.

Bang Il Sook is the eldest daughter in the Bang family. She finds out that her husband has cheated on her with his boss and ended up living in her parents house with her only daughter after they got divorced. One day, she finds out that Yoon Bin, a singer she was madly in love with during her teen, moved in to the rooftoop room of her family’s building.

Bang Yi Sook is a 30 years old tomboy. She never have a relationship with a man before, because she’s still can’t forget her first love of ten years towards her senior in college. Things changed when she met Chun Jae Yong, a son of a wealthy family, who is funny and goofy. He is a manager in a cafe where she works as a waitress.

Bang Mal Sook is the youngest of three. She’s a beautiful and fashionable woman who would date rich men just so they can get her expensive things. She was hit hard when finally she’s head over heels in love with Cha Se Kwang. Se Kwang is handsome, rich, and cares a lot about her. Until one day, she finds out a shocking truth about Se Kwang.



image copied from http://www.ohkpop.com

Oh boy, there are so many characters in this drama, it’s hard to talk about them one by one. So, I just talk about some characters that are very memorable to me, aside from Cha Yoon Hee and Terry Kang/Bang Gwi Nam, of course.

The first few episodes, I was so drawn by the charm of Yoo Jun Sang. Yes, I think he resembles everything a woman looks for in a man. A husband material, one of my friends used to say. I think he portrays the character of Gwi Nam really well. Kind, loving and a little bit awkward (due to the fact that Gwi Nam grew up in the States, I guess). And Kim Nam Joo… what should I say about her… interesting? unique? I’m not sure. But it’s so refreshing to see her acting as a witty, smart, independent and courageous woman. This couple is so lovable. They act so natural, although everybody knows that Kim Nam Joo has a fantastic husband, actor Kim Seung Woo, and look so amazing together.

However, later on in the drama, my attention was forced to fixed on the other couple, Chun Jae Yong and Bang Yi Sook. They both are such a cute couple! Everytime they have a scene together it was always so refreshing, funny, sweet and heart-warming at the same time. It’s cliche, but I could feel their strong chemistry, I really did. Jae Yong is so funny, keeps getting into arguments with Yi Sook but later falls deeply in love with her. No, this is not a spoiler. I can easily spot not long after these two characters met that they are going to be a couple. But I keep on waiting to know what’s next in their love story. I smiled a lot, laugh a lot everytime I watched them together. I was (and still) totally hooked with them!

The weird thing about this drama is that it’s quite predictable in so many parts, but somehow it’s totally enjoyable to follow. I knew from the start that the in-laws would be the neighbor next door, but it’s just interesting to see the moment they find out about it, and see their first official meeting as in-laws. I knew that Jae Yong and Yi Sook would be a couple, yet they somehow wrapped the story in such a way that I kept waiting for what happens next. The story of the drama itself is mostly an everyday family issues, so it’s really entertaining to watch it.

About cameos, this drama has so many cameos of famous people. I would say it’s a drama with the most cameo appearances. My favorite Korean celebrity, KIM JONG MIN, is there! (Yes, that’s what got me into this drama in the first place, hehehe). There’s Ji Jin Hee, the amazingly handsome guy, who is famous for doing historical dramas such as Dae Jang Geum and Dong Yi. Sung Si Kyung is there too (I only mention him for the sake of my best friend, you know who you are :D). And then there’s Cha Tae Hyun, Lee Su Geun, ZE:A, Song Joon Geun (Shin Bora’s boyfriend on Gag Concert), Shin Se Kyung and sooooo many more. The most interesting cameos of all is Kim Seung Woo and Hong Eun Hee. Kim Seung Woo, as I mentioned before, is Kim Nam Joo’s real life husband. Hong Eun Hee is Yoo Jun Sang’s real life wife. Kim Seung Woo’s character in this movie is so unforgettable! Although he only appears for a few brief minutes, but his character is so funny and such a contrast from his usual character in other dramas that I laugh the whole time he was on!

My Husband Got a Family runs for 58 episodes. “That’s a lot!” I thought when I first learn about this drama. I usually only watch dramas 16 to 20 episodes long, so I immediately say no to watching it. Then, because it got great review, ratings and stuff, plus the Kim Jong Min factor, I got curious. It’s pretty intimidating at first, but, unexpectedly, I enjoy watching it so much that I got to the last episode in no time. It’s so unforgettable up to the point that I feel 58 is really not enough, I want more!

My Husband Got a Family, other than its high ratings, also won several awards and the casts are nominated in numerous categories in KBS drama award. The soundtrack is pretty good too. I personally love Girl’s Day – Nung Cool Song and Ce Song sing by Yoo Jun Sang and Kwak Do Yeon.

Bottom line of my review, if you’re looking for a drama to entertain you, to make you laugh, smile, and maybe just shed a little tear (just a little!), then you’ve got to see this. I declare this drama highly recommended!


Bang Yi Sook (Joo Yoon Hee) and Chun Jae Yong (Lee Hee Jun)
image copied from dramacrazy.net