[Football Talk] 2014 FA Cup: Finally!

Finally! That must’ve been what was on every Gooners mind on Saturday (or early Sunday if you’re in my timezone.) After nine painfull trophyless years, Arsenal won their 11th FA Cup title.


I was restless during the few days before the final. I have lots of faith on the team, but, with our track records in the past few years, I knew that it won’t be easy. And that was what happened. During the first 13 minutes of the game, when we were 2-0 down, my heart sunk. I started to imagine the worst case scenario. Arsenal seemed to always get caught in a tangled web of misfortune on important games.
A tiny bit of hope emerged after Santi Cazorla’s amazing free kick. But it stil wasn’t enough to calm my nerves. The lads were amazingly patient in building their attacks. But Hull City was also smart enough to know how to block them.
When Laurent Koscielny somehow managed to turn around and get the ball in around the 70th minutes mark, the hope grew. “We can make it,” I said to myself.
Yaya Sanogo made me nervous again. My personal opinion of him is that he needs more experience. He  To me, he looked a bit awkward on the pitch and couldn’t really control the ball (It’s only my personal opinion.) Until Aaron came along with that beautiful winning goal. I felt assured that we could do it, although I knew that the danger isn’t over yet. That moment when Per fell and Fabianski moved forward? It almost got my heart leaped out of my throat!
When the final whistle was heard, I’m sure all Gooners felt the same, a wave of relieve and happiness washed over me. I was almost brought to tears to see the Boss smilling. It’s been a while since the last time he smiles so brightly.

To me, this victory is the beginning of something bigger, the beginning of a comeback. It made me believe even more that Arsenal still got what it takes to be a big team that competes for big titles. It put an end to our nine years of agony. Plus it’s an amazing birthday present 😀

Will it put to rest all of that bad and hideous headlines that the press often targeted Arsenal with? Maybe, but maybe not. The boss said that with this victory, we forced them to be more creative and that he’s sure they will be. Nicely said, Boss!
Well, I hope that this FA Cup title will mark the comeback of a stronger and better Arsenal. May this be only the beginning.
Cheers to all Gooners!



Vaarwel, Captain!

Once again, Gooners all over the world must face a bitter news. After our failure in earning trophies again, for seven consecutive seasons, last season, Gooner must now accept the fact that they might, or rather will, loose their captain.

Yes, a couple of hours ago, Robin van Persie ended speculations about his existence in Arsenal by announcing in his website (www.robinvanpersie.com) that he will not extend his contract with the club. Shocking? not really. It goes to show that what I have mentioned in my previous post about him is true, that aside from his loyalty with the club, he will sure want to know how it feels like to be on the other side, winning titles and lifting trophies.

“I personally have had a great season but my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days.”

Robin will throw away his Arsenal shirt for good

As a Gooner, of course, I am disappointed with his decision. But who am I to complain? If I put myself in his shoes, I’m sure that I would have the same feeling. However, I can’t help but feel that he has let me down, let the fan down, with his decision. We’ve got high hopes with him as the captain, but he chose to backed out instead.

One thing, though, that made me feel an equal disappointment towards the club is Robin’s statement below:

“As announced earlier this year I had a meeting with the Boss and Mr. Gazidis after the season. This was a meeting about the club’s future strategy and their policy. Financial terms or a contract have not been discussed, since that is not my priority at all… but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.”

Yes, I am nothing but an everyday football supporter, but that statement has somehow bothered me. If it’s not about money nor contract agreement, then what in the world could not be agreed about? Was the club’s strategy and policy that bad that has taken the Captain to make such decision? Meanwhile, just yesterday, I read the boss’ (Arsene Wenger) statement that the club will do everything to keep him and that the club would want him to end his career at Arsenal. Curious….

Although Robin did wrote that in two weeks time he will have another meeting with the club, but I’m afraid that there’s a really, really slim chance of him changing his mind. I love and respect such talented and amazing player, therefore I want the best for him. If it’s best for him to leave the club, then, although with tears pouring down and heart crushing beyond belief, I wish you good luck.

Read Robin’s complete statement here.